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Mental Health Monday: How to Win the Day with Guest Andrew Jobling

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: Good Taste Brekky host Elerrina interviews Andrew Jobling for Mental Health Monday on how you can win the day, what it takes to make it in the long run. 

Juice1073’s breakfast show is now the brand new and remodelled ‘Good Taste Brekky with Elerrina’, but the all-important Mental Health Monday continues to thrive.

This week on Mental Health Monday, Elerrina and Jodie to talk to Andrew Jobling about how to win the day, and what it takes to make it in the long run.

Andrew is the author of seven published books and is on a mission to inspire people to ‘live a purposeful life of joyful longevity.’ He has a background in AFL football, and 30 years of experience in mindset, motivational speaking, and athlete training (to name a few).

“So, AJ, tell us how to win the day!” Elerrina said.

“Well, EM, I will! There’s a really old quote, by a great Chinese philosopher Laozi, he said: ‘if you’re depressed, you’re living in the past; if you’re anxious, you’re living in the future; if you’re peaceful, you’re living in the present’,” Andrew Jobling said.

Elerrina said, “so true, so so true.”

Andrew talks about how we as humans spend so much time in our past, worrying about the things we’ve done, and the things we’ve said. That we beat ourselves up until we lead ourselves into a dark place.

“I was beating myself up over something I did last week on the weekend, and it doesn’t bring anything of substance or of help,” Elerrina said.

“Well, we can’t change the past, all we can do is learn from it, we’ve got to forgive and move on,” Andrew said. “The past is nowhere to live; learn from it and get out of there real fast.”

The future, well who knows what the future is going to bring, we spend so much time worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring, and that’s where anxiety lives. We don’t want to be anxious, and we don’t want to be depressed; we want to be peaceful, happy, and loving life,” Andrew said.

He said, “this is Mental Health Monday, but I’d like to rebrand mental health, and call it mind wellness, because I think there is a real stigma around mental health, and every single person is on the mind wellness spectrum at some point.”

Andrew talks about his own worries in life, and that you have to take control of the moments you have, and that when you do, it’s crazy how much things change.

“Win the day just simply means that you take control of the moment that you have,” Andrew said. “The past is gone, you can’t change it, the future is out there somewhere, you can’t control it.”

The only way you can potentially have some influence over your future is by what you do now.”

Everyone wants to be leaner, fitter, healthier and happier, to write a book, have a successful relationship or marriage, to run a marathon or to retire on a beach somewhere. But everyone also makes the mistake in thinking that it takes talent, intellect or ability to achieve these goals.

“The only way is by creating the right routines in life, creating the right unconscious habits,” Andrew said. “It’s all about creating unconscious habit of the things you want to do in life.”

Listen Below: full interview with Andrew Jobling on how to win the day, and life.

About the Author: Benjamin Ruge is a student journalist and aspiring writer, hoping to reach all heights of the journalism industry.

Feature image: supplied from Facebook.

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