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September Station News

You’re not alone.

Hey there! Chloe and Elerrina here from Good Taste Brekky. 

Phwoar! What a roller coaster of a year 2020 has been. So we wanted to thank you so much for your constant support. 

The year started out strong for us, then BAM! COVID. And we weren’t too sure how to approach that. In turn, Chloe did the show from her house for 7 weeks which proved to be a little difficult, but she persevered.

Both of us were then back in the studio for only a few days before it was Chloe’s turn for some time off and Elerrina did the show in the studio for 6 weeks. Fast forward a little bit and we were both reunited back in the studio together stronger than ever and committed to serving our listeners. Throughout the entirety of these uncertain times, we wanted to make sure that we were still here, together as a community.

We made phone calls to some of our community to say thank you for the support and see how they were doing, and a lot of people mentioned they were struggling with mental health. Our Juice Fam spoke and we listened and in turn incorporated a new segment in the show called “Mental Health Mondays”, where we have a local Pastor and Life Coach join us in the studio answering questions that people send in. Connection is really important to us and through speaking together as a community, we delved a little further and found a lot of people were dealing with loneliness and had lost a lot of communication with people due to isolation. We made it our mission to make sure people were not feeling alone in this time and we are committed to incorporating segments in the breakfast show that at times bring hope, laughter and inclusivity. 

It became apparent that our mission has been successful when we spoke to Kayla who mentioned to us that there are some people she knows who are going through some hard times and they’ve turned Juice on and, whether it’s been a song or a segment on the show, Juice has reminded them of where they should be and it’s been really encouraging for them. She also mentioned that she loves listening to us on the Brekky show each morning and to Luke and Susie in the afternoons because “you’re just a part of what I do.” 

Thanks for being a part of the Juice1073 community. Together we are stronger and we’re grateful to share life with you.

Chloe & Elerrina

Support for Businesses

2020 has been a big year and there has been no better time to be sharpening our focus than during this period of volatility. We have, over the last 4 months, been preparing and positioning Juice1073 for the upcoming bounce back.

Throughout this year, we’ve been grateful to see the Gold Coast community continue to engage and connect together through Juice1073.  In fact, in the last 6 months, we’ve seen a 12.5% increase in people locally connecting across all social media platforms.

Our heart is to serve the business community to the best of our ability and we’ve been excited to develop, with the support of the CEO and Business Manager, additional business growth initiatives and services successfully to complement our on-air business sponsorship service.

So, if you have a business on the Gold Coast, we’re now happy to offer:

1. Business Assessments – Including website and all social media platforms
2. Business Mentoring/Coaching/Strategy development
3. Targeted introductions to existing Juice1073 Business station sponsors for cross-collaborative business network activity and participation
4. Digital Media Strategy Development

In this disruptive digital environment, the biggest challenge for businesses are understanding and successfully navigating the following.

Change in
 – buying patterns
Change in – how you communicate across your new media platforms
Change in – sourcing, attracting, securing, and then keeping new & current clients
Change in – How changeable is your business in this disruptive digital environment?

We’d love to support you and your business as we continue to navigate this challenging time together.  If any of this is of interest to you and your business, please call Alex on 0478 911 044.

Alex Dante, Strategy, Partnerships & Business Development Director

An Appeal to send a message to our community that you are not alone.

The You’re Not Alone Appeal is next month from the 13th-15th October and we invite you to stand up and say, “You’re Not Alone” to the Gold Coast by giving a tax deductible donation, or by becoming a monthly partner in the work of speaking hope over the airwaves – a city-wide mission, that is at work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

At Juice1073, we value greatly the opportunity to work in partnership with the Gold Coast community to serve the Gold Coast community.

Everything that goes out over the radio, whether it be a song that inspires, a story that brings a smile, or a spot that brings hope – all of it happens because of community working collaboratively in partnership. 

As we approach the upcoming “You’re Not Alone” appeal, we are excited and looking forward to continuing partnership with those who’ve given before and to welcome to partnership those giving for the very first time.

As a community radio station, the only way that lives are impacted is because of your generosity who, through your giving, say loud and clear that Juice1073 is a critical part of the Gold Coast media landscape, providing a different kind of voice into the community.

Through your giving, we get to tell stories like these:

Andy explained to us through tears how the community and connection of Juice and the Gold Coast has sustained him and his family through personal matters.

Even though she isn’t religious, Amy told us how listening to Juice – the music, the brekky show and the open discussions – have helped her when dealing with anxiety. Amy was having a panic attack when a message she heard on Juice calmed her enough to continue with her day.

Samantha told us how she heard a song that encouraged her to trust God’s timing and plan for her life when she was going through a job transition.

Will you give your best gift? Thank you for your partnership.


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