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‘The Ripple Effect’ with Andrew Jobling

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina & Jodie interviews Andrew Jobling for Mental Health Monday on everything about ‘The Ripple Effect’.

Mental health is so important, and every Monday Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie discuss mental health mindsets and how to conquer them with Andrew Jobling.

This week on Mental Health Monday, Elerrina and Jodie to talk to Andrew Jobling about ‘The Ripple Effect’.

Andrew is the author of seven published books and is on a mission to inspire people to ‘live a purposeful life of joyful longevity’. He has a background in AFL football, and 30 years of experience in mindset, motivational speaking, and athlete training (to name a few).

In traditional terms, ‘The Ripple Effect’ is akin to dropping a stone into a pond, creating an outwards ripple in the water, which, applied to mental health, means everything we say and do influences someone or something.

Andrew compares ‘The Ripple Effect’ to Good Taste Brekky, and how the show radiates positivity, and tries its best to reach those in need and bring happiness.

“The message is this, people think selfcare is selfish because they have to cook or drive the kids somewhere, but selfcare is the least selfish thing a person can do, because it promotes a happy and healthy life,” Andrew said.

“Do you want to send out a ripple of love, positivity and kindness?” Andrew asks. “Start being the best you can be and be the change you want to see; that’s what ‘The Ripple Effect’ is.”

“How do you hold onto that change though if the people around you are negative and you want to create a ripple effect for them?” Elerrina asked.

Andrew said, “you need to try and find a positive in every situation, but if it’s too hard, find new people that are positive.”

He talks about his mission to create wellness around the world, which is why he talks with Good Taste Brekky every week, and to other like-minded people, and hopes that a positive ripple effect continues for miles on.

If you want to create a positive ripple, be mindful of the people watching, and ask yourself the question: would you be happy with the actions of those close to you, if they did the same as you?

Start there.

Listen Below

About the Author: Benjamin Ruge is a student journalist and aspiring writer, hoping to reach all heights of the journalism industry.

Feature image: supplied. 

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