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Up and At Em: Anthony Calligeros Drops in with Fitness Advice and Busts Training Myths

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: This week for Up & At Em Elerrina and Jodie are joined with online coach Anthony Calligeros to talk all things health and fitness. 

Up and At Em is that time of the week when Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie try to help us all get motivated, and the other day they were helped by online coach Anthony Calligeros to discuss all things health and fitness.

For over a decade now Anthony has fanned the flames of his passion for fitness, helping his clients physically and mentally achieving their goals. His knowledge immediately struck everyone at juice as he picked out the exact weight measurement for one of the hosts (the number and identity of which Anthony shall take to the grave).

Anthony then set out answering some audience questions, such as the frequently asked: is belly fat the most difficult fat to lose?

“You see people doing sit ups at the gym, it’s wrong. You can’t spot reduce fat. Fat will come off your body where it wants to come off first … so when you talk about your belly fat being a stubborn area, yeah it is stubborn, but that’s just the last place it generally wants to come off.”

Or about pre-work out routines, “you also have fat burners that can be used as pre-work outs as well … it also has caffeine in it, but it also has other supplements that not so much fuel your muscles, they help metabolise your stored fat and use that as energy.”

Anthony has found that so many people are confused about supplements, what with the selection on the market exhausting patience. “Supplements, you just want to keep it simple. You wanna use supplements to supplement a good, healthy nutrition plan. Just use a nice clean WPI protein, our alien brand we have the best, highest quality products.”

Anthony even suggested a live taste testing for next time, so I’m sure El and Jodie are looking forward to putting that sound clip in their resumés.

If you want to benefit from Anthony’s life-changing health advice, you can reach out on his Instagram or the AlienSupps website.

Listen here

About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3

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